CD player damaged by power line in

I am wondering if setting my PS audio power plant to 80ish hertz (whatever corresponds to 45rpm on my turntable) will damage my cd player if it is left plugged in but turned off. The associated player is the Marantz SA8260, and I assume it draws some current at all times to power the remote switch and the small red standby light near the power button on the chassis. I realize the safe thing will be to unplug it, but does anybody know for sure? thanks.

Also let me preempt responses telling me to use the large pully on the table motor for 45rpm...I am asking because I am considering a purchase of the new scoutmaster flywheel motor, which only has one pulley setting.
I thought VPI had a motor speed control unit, am I mistaken?
yes, vpi makes the SDS speed control unit but it would require me to part with another $1k which I am not ready to do quite yet.