CD Player Connected Directly to Amp

I have an Ayre amp hooked up to a set of Maggies just recently moved from my main system creating a second system. Since I only want to play CD's on it I want to find a CD player I can hook directly to the amp. I know Wadia and Proceed can but would like to find other options and opinions. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
Do a search this is the most common question asked here at audiogon. ~Tim
Muse Thalia.
It's one of the only players out there that has an ANALOG volume control.
Controlling the attenuation in the digital domain is about the worse way you can do it (ala WADIA).
You throw away bits to lower volume and restore them to increase it.
This is why you will find DACs/Players that do this in the digital domain sound best at higher volumes, and as some have found, they sound best with the output turned all the way up, and then run through a pre amp, therefore defeating the entire purpose of having a volume control.
Check with Rick Schultz(EVS) about his outboard inline attenuators. This will open up your CD player options to the ones without an attenuator.
Check out the Levinson 39. It also has a volume control that operates in the analog domain. In addition, it also offers some limited digital inputs for other devices. I am using a 39 running directly into a Mcintosh MC202 with balanced cables. In many ways this is close to tube sound with solid state and digital.
Check out the Audio Aero. It has a volume control with remote function of the entire player including volume and is one of the most enjoyable digital systems available. Another option to the EVS is a Placette passive volume control. These are exceptionally good passives. Not quite in the same class but very good is the Reference line Pre-eminence passive control. Both of these passives can be had with remote volumne.
You may also run a McCormack Micro Line Drive in passive mode.Great sound at approximately $300.
I second the micro-line drive. Great build, only the essentials (3 inputs, volume control) and can be either active or passive.
Wadia 9 + 7 combo connect direct to power amps is the best aproach. Best of the best. I used to have Mark Levinson No.26S (a true reference pre-amp) even with the Wadia's connect to the preamp. Until I hook the up the Wadia 7 + 9 combo directly to the amps, there is no going back. The different is like listening to the hi-fi. vs. going to the concert hall (OC Performing Art Center) Need I say more ? Cheers.
Recently, I took the plunge and purchased an Audio Aero MKII. It replaced a Metronome T1A Transport and C1A DAC and a Genesis digital lens - one Conrad Johnson 17LS preamp - one Gold FIM and one Marigo Apparition 5.6 digital interconnects, one pair of Marigo MR33F interconnects, and four Electraglide Fat boys (all of which is now boxed up and ready to sell).
Don't get me wrong, the Metronome/Genesis/CJ stuff is great, whoever buys all this stuff will be happy! I was just tierd of all the boxes and cables everywhere, and I was ready for a change.
Bottom line - I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. The system is now my CD player going directly into my power amp. Great Sound with "AIR" now being reproduced from my standard, 'red-book' CD's. The sound is fabulous. If you can, look for the Audio Aero. Then you'll be finished.
Twl, I think EVS has currently discontinued the attenuators.
I to recently purchased a Aero MKII
I was ueing a Bat 50se pre amp. Went back and
forth several times and decided I liked
it best direct. Sold the Bat!