CD player cleaning.

Is there any maintenance required for a CD player? I have an Acurus player that refused to play any CD's the other day and then when it did it would just skip from track to track. It's working fine again and I was thinking dirt on the lens. Should I be cleaning the lens regularly? Thanks for any info.
No. It was probably a hair or something like that. Keep the CDs you put in clean and you won't have any problems. After almost 20 years of CD playing, I have started to use a fine quality brush to wisk the dust off my CDs and DVDs before every play. I keep the brush in an envelope to keep IT free of dust too.
Thanks Elizabeth, I'll put the Simple Green and steel wool away.
What about lens cleaning? Will a dirty lens cause skipping? If you have a CDP that skips on any disc played, will a CD lens cleaner remedy the problem? And, if this doesn't cure the problem, is there an alignment process? (Like the alignment of a phono cartridge?)
i just read an article in the back of last months stereophile mag on laser allignment! it said what it was all about and what u need but didnt say how to go about it step by step..
so i wrote to the guy that wrote the article and he's getting back with me in a week or two after his time off and i could foward you whatever he sends me on laser allignment.
Thanks Joolz. I have a CDP that has alignment problems? or perhaps just a dirty lens which skips regularly. Any pertainent info would be appreciated.
tell ya what i do once in a while .....
i take the cover of the cd player off and with a fine artists brush i brush the lense carefully..
just try that for now---------then the laser allignment if that dont work(when info is through)
I have a Parasound Perfect Image 20/20 laser lens cleaner which a disc with a brush mounted on it. You put it in and it has a few second automated timer. Charlie
I spoke with Marantz about lense cleaner discs. They recommended against it. Instead use the air in a can used to clean electrical stuff. You can open the CD tray door and shoot it in that way.
Auric Illuminator through Audio Advisor uses a lint free cloth which I like. Just make sure you wipe radially outward from in to out. Do not wipe in circles!
I use the compressed air directly on the laser (mine comes out in the drawer). And, yes, dirt on the lens will cause skipping. If the compressed air doesnt clear up the problem, it's likely an alignment problem.
Thanks, I should have time this weekend to try the compressed air. I appreciate the help, gang!