Cd Player Choices To Match Up to Vintage Electronics

Hi all, would appreciate a few choices to start looking at to upgrade my secondary system. In my man cave I have a system I listen to when I'm working on hobbies. I acquired in a fit of nostalgia, a Yamaha Integrated amp CA-810. I had one in the 70's and 80's. I just recently bought some Wharfedale Diamond 225 speakers for the system and might be looking for a better cd player. I am currently using a Yamaha CDC-685 five disc change which is nice for long periods of listening.. Sounds good but of course always looking for better.  I want to stay within reason expenditure wise since the electronics are vintage. What would you guys suggest?  
You've already got a great system for background music. I wouldn't change a thing. 
How about the California Audio Lab DX-1 and the JVC XL - Z431! Both were favorably reviewed in TAS back in the 80's. I have these two in my collection of vintage CD players. To me they sound fine!
Look into getting started with Streaming.   Consider a new DAC if needed.
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Was going to throw out the CAL Icon II as well but it’s a risk only because of age. For what I see others asking for them I’d just buy a new entry Marantz that will probably walk all over the great old CAL anyway. Look for a Marantz CD5005.
Best way to upgrade is to go to a single disc player. Check out the Onkyo 7030 (I believe model number is correct) which sells for ~$170 new and is well built. 
I get great results with a Rega Saturn (paid, I think $400, here on A'Gon)  fronting a Pioneer SX-1980.