CD Player choice for JRDG 9t's and Coherence II

I will only look at a one-box solution...
I have narrowed my search down to the following used players:

dCS Puccini
Wadia 781
Esoteric x 01D2
Oracle CD 2500

I listen to jazz, blues, folk, classical, some new age and a little pop.
Love a great kick drum, resolution, seductive female vocals and great sound staging.
I don't have the ability in northern Michigan to hear all of these wonderful players so I am seeking thoughts from those who have.

My system consists of:
mbl 101D's - Oracle Delphi III - Audience PC's, aRp 1's, aRp6 and Shunyata Andromeda speaker cable biwired - Golden Dragon XLR I/C's - Jeff Rowland 9t's and Coherence II

Any thoughts are always appreciated!!!
Assuming you are running balanced interconnects, you may want to consider the ARC CD-3 (cheapest), CD-3 Mk. II or CD-7 (most expensive). They are truly differential balanced and will allow you to take advantage of the balanced circuit in your Rowland rig. I ran a CD-3 with my Coherence II and I really liked it. The Coherence works fine with single-ended gear, too, however, so balanced should not be your most important criterium.

You may also want to consider contacting A-gon member and dealer Jtinn, who has a lot of experience with Rowland gear.
I have a Rowland Synergy IIi, Rowland 302, and Wadia 270/27ix with Cardas Golden Reference. I love the good match with Rowland and Wadia. It is almost analogue sounding - not one bit of fatigue. Detail retrieval is outstanding. Imaging, air and holograhy are top notch too. The Wadia products are built like Rowland gear - probably some of the best built in the industry. I haven't heard the 581/781 Wadia products but I'm sure they are cut from the same cloth as previous models as are Rowlands to some degree.

One caveat - if you like your music from the front row, the Rowland/Wadia match may not be your cup of tea as it places the soundstage wide and behind the speakers (I have Avalon Eidolon Diamonds). Not to confuse you ether, but Jeff Rowland showed off his new Criterion preamp with the dCS Puccini.
I have used the TEAC Esoteric X-01 Limited (same as D2 in redbook mode) for approx 3 years with great success. I listen mostly to classical. Used it on JRDG 77M monos and on JRDG 312 stereo amp. My pres have been the ARC Ref 3 and more recently the JRDG Capri. Jeff Rowland uses a DCS Puccini in his own system. As I have not compared the 2 players side by side, I can't tell you for sure which I prefer. . . but my suspicion rests on the X-01. Guido