CD player burn-in

When burning in a new cd player is it necessary to have other components on? Or can you just have the player on and set in "repeat" with all the other components turned off?
If I were doing it I would have the CD player connected to something that would actually use the signal... so the frisky little electrons really were zooming around the way they like to when the unit is in normal use.
At least turn the Preamp on. 100 hours is good.
Input impedance of the preamp (or the amp if you're driving direct) doesn't change significantly with/without power on. But you must have the input selector switch set to the CD, otherwise there's no load terminating & no signal flow. I use an old cassette deck's inputs as dummy load for burn in. You can fabricate your own loads with cheap male RCA's & 1k-ohm R's from Radio Shaft, but why not run signal thru your cable simultaneously. My SS equipment is always powered on though (many threads on that).