CD Player /Built in Headphone Amp

Looking for CDP with good quality built in headphone amp. Will use with Sennheiser HD700. I have a separate headphone amp in other system, but also need a one box option. Marantz HD CD1 looks good, but no reviews.  Thanks 
I have always found the add on option of a headphone amp in either a CD player or an ordinary amp to be rather inferior to a stand alone head amp. The HD 700 are really quite decent phones and even some quite modest head amps will be far better from a sound point of view. It'll only cost you another set of cables and the amp and you will be rewarded with a great sounding system.
Yes agree. Have a great separate headphone amp.  But sometimes I need a single small box. 
i use an integra dvd 8.3 universal player in an office system and it has a surprisingly good headphone out with a good inboard dac--you can easily find one for <$100 on ebay
Thanks. Sounds perfect