CD-Player Break in Question

I just purchased a Resolution Audion Opus 21 which I had the Reference level Modification done by Great Northern Sound. The unit has the Black Gate Caps. I have about 180 hours of continus playing time.
The bass is still on the weak side how long will it take to get the weighty, Dynamic, Bass? I heard it could take up to 400 hours. I would appreciate any help.

Thank You.
dont know about yours but my esoteric sa-10 took about 250 hours to break in
caps may take upto 500 hours to break in. keep listening until the frequency response seems balanced. if the bass stays weak, you can always return the cd player.
Agree with Mrtennis Blackgates take 500+ hours to settle in and the sound will go from good to not so good in the break in period.

Thanks for the information. Why do the Black Gate Caps. take so long to burn in?
Russb my understanding is that Blackgate caps use small graphite particles between the anode and cathode hence increasing the burn in time.
The cap is similar to a battery that has to be charged and the capacitance needs to be expanded. Depending on the type of application can effect how long a cap takes to break in. Mrtennis is correct about break in time.Hope this helps Dennis
Thanks again for the interesting information. At this time I will let my system play for at least 400 hours 24/7.

Thanks Russ