CD Player: Audio Aero Capitole Mk I vs. Mk II

Does anyone know the differences between these CD Players: the Audio Aero Capitole Mk I and Mk II versions? And which one is known to sound better? And does anyone know if the separate Prima DAC is almost the same as the Capitole DAC?
MK II has better bass- built on aluminum sub-chassis- Mk I wood subchassis. MK II is better machine, although I did very much enjoy the MK I while I owned it- it is the one that created the cult Audio Aero following for a little while!
I sold my Plinius integrated to prepare for a Capitole. Seems to be too many problems with them. GamuT CD-1 is extremely close, for a lot less $$$$$$.
Tweak- Gamut was very disappointing- no bass...
Here are a few differences:

1. Upgraded transport
2. Newer version of the Anagram chipset
3. Much beefier power supply
4. Better chassis construction
5. Higher quility volume attenuator

There are quite a few other changes as well.

Sonically I hear increased frequency extremes. More air on top and better control and depth in the bass. The resolution is also quite a bit greater.

While I am a dealer for Audio Aero, it is obviously in my best interest to justify the MK II over the MK I, however, I can tell you that if money is tight, the MK I is INCREDIBLE!

The current Prima DAC is not close to the Capitole MK II. A future release may change that.
Thought I'd take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr. Tinn for his assistance, patience and insight in helping me cope with this MADDENING Audio Aero Capitole MK-II. Jonathan, you are a true gentleman and class act as I think I would have thrown this CDP through a window if it hadn't been for your gracious help.

After the most frustrating experience I have EVER had in audio, I can now say the problems appear to be over and, it sounds FABULOUS! I should also say that the people at Globe Audio (Jody and Matt) have also been fantastic in their assistance. That said, I personally would never want to deal with Audio Aero again due to their NUMEROUS broken promises and deadlines (and apparent cavalier attitude) - but I cannot help but give them credit for a great sounding product.

As for MY problems - my unit had a bad P2 chip (which caused a ton of problems) then the new P3 chip they sent me was also defective and finally, I installed the new P4 chip and all is well (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!). Also in AA's defense, all the problems were in the software (the chip -- which I understand was outsourced) not the hardware. My own opinion (as well as Jtinn's I believe) is that AA rushed this thing to market before working out the bugs -- but they seem to be solved (can you see me crossing my fingers?)

Finally, in closing, I would like to say that I went from a $28,000 CD/pre front end (Sonic Frontiers T3/P3 and Lamm L2 Reference) to the AA direct into my Lamm amps, and it is clearly better in all ways. Now I call THAT a winning proposition, put money in my pocket, eliminate 3 chassis, three power cords and two interconnects - while getting better sound! Thanks again Jonathan - I owe you a nice dinner when I get out to your place!!!