CD player:Arcam 9 or Rotel 991

Which of the above is better? (Since they both can decode HDCD, so I choose them). Is there other alternatives? Thanks
Tarzan say, "Arcam 9 is slightly harsh on the high freq's and provides too much detail. (I only desire the musical material, not the drum pedal, piano pedal, guitar string finger squack, ...). AND the Arcam 9 really accents the sibilence of vocals. (You know, the "S" sound). The Rotel is far better but even then I got the original Rega Planet over both." disclaimer: I haven't listened to the new Rega Planet 2000 or Analogue Audio Maestro yet. They are in the same price range.
Go to the used section here and see if the CAL Icon with HDCD and Power Boss upgrades is still available for $400.00. It is a better player than either at a song of a price. The dealer is well respected in the LA area as well.
In my system the Arcam 9 was much more musical, with great presence, detail, soundstage and bass, the Rotel sounded a little dull to me in comparison. No high frequency harshness with my gear, very smooth in fact - Conrad Johnson SS amp, Rogue 66 pre, Alon V Mk2 speakers, Coincident tri-wire, Nordost SPM ICs. I would suggest you audition both and judge for yourself. If your system tends toward brightness, a CD player with tubed output stage might be just the ticket i.e. Ah Tjobe, used Cary 301 etc. I've been very happy with my Alpha 9. I also thought the Rega Planet was a very nice player for the money - I just felt the Arcam was superior for classical and acoustic music, more accurate portrayal of instrumental and vocal timbres IMO. You should be able to get a deal on a used/demo Alpha 9 since the Alpha line are being discontinued in near future.
If you're thinking of the Arcam, wait, as it's about to be discontinued and replaced with (according to Arcam) a better sounding player at the same price.
how about the adcom 750? i compared it to the rotel and thought it was smoother and more detailed.
Found the ARCAM 9 delightfully detailed and full-bodied, too, but quite lacking in pace and rythmn compared to my old Rotel 855. OTOH Rotel dealers (and the factory service rep!) claim these old Rotels sound better than the newer 9 series...although for the bucks how can the 991 NOT be better...sheesh! I listened to the 991 briefly, and agreed with the dealer that the adjustable dither was somewhat useful, but to me it appeared to smear the top octaves more than anything else...but I also felta 'Canto DAC1 did the same!...... I'd go for the ARCAM 9 if you don't mind its sluggishness. Brad at Virtual Mode in CT uses a vbration-modded Rotel 855 as his ref source for high-end passive preamp design! So go figure. I too await feedback re the Planet 2000. Someone here suggested poor build quality. Didn't seem so bad to me upon first glance. Anyone got a fix on its sound? I too would like to clean up the top octaves without losing my old Rotel's excellent PRAT. Ernie