cd player and integrated amplifier for the B&W 9NT


I have a pair of the B&W CDM 9NT's. My mainly listening music is all sort of Jazz. My room size is W17'xL20'xH8'. I am going to upgrade my integrated amplifier and cd player. The candidates for integrated amplifier are the Arcam A85 and the Rotel RA-1070(in no particular order). Those for cd player are the Arcam 82T and the Rotel RCD-1070(in no particular order). The Classe CAP-101 can't be got here. Which are more suitable to my situation?

Howdy, I mated my CDM9's to the new Krell integrated, KAV-400xi. Simply phenomenal. The CDM9's dissapointed me for close to a year before I got this amp. It lacked bass response and the soundstage would literally collapse at higher volumes. Plus the system was plagued by undue sibilance. I tweaked the speakers by adding Sonic care spikes. A big improvment in bass. Then I added some decent OFC wire. Another improvement in bass. But they were still lacking. The sibilance was still prominant and the bass was woolly. I then replaced my CDP to the Rotel 1072. Better, yeah, but not greatly. Then I replaced my preamp/amp combo to this integrated. Wow. Tight controlled bass, elimination of sibilance, balanced sound at all volume levels. Clearer and more articulate too. Palpable bass even at low listening levels and seemingly limitless, distortion free power. Sounds great.

FWIW: I heard the Classe pre 35 and 101 amp combo w/ the B&W 703's (the CDM9's replacements). I couldn't tell the difference between this combo and the KAV-400xi, but my wife could, she liked the Krell much better (women tend to have better hearing). For less money I went with the integrated. A great piece. Check it out.
Sorry, I goofed above. These are the spikes I added.

Check out my system for more info too.
My dealer pairs hi-end B&W with ROtel 1072 cdp and arcam power....
Phasecorrect,thanks for input.
My B&W 9NTs and Arcam FMJ CD23 have been faithful companions over the past three plus years while other components of the system have come and gone.I started with an all Arcam combo of an antegrated FMJ A22(discontinued and replaced by the highly acclaimed A32) and a A P25 power amp.IMHO it never had quite the juice to drive the 9NTs.In the relentless quest to upgrade and in search of sonic nirvana, a Bryston 4BST AND BP25 replaced the Arcams.In turn the BP25 was replaced by a ARC LS2B.The combo of a tube pre and a ss power amp gives the best of both worlds.More recently, the ARC LS 2B made way for a SP 16 while the Bryston 4BST was replaced with a Bryston 14 BST.
My two bits worth:the B&Ws require real juice.The 9NTs handle the 600WPC of the 14 BST with aplomb and grace.I don't think that Rotel gear is quite in that class.The 9NTs are superb though highly underrated speakers.
Hope you find this of some use.
Happy listening.
It's amazing how well the CDM9's responded to an amp with more wattage and amperage per channel. I had an Odyssey prior to the Krell. They just sounded better. My dealer told me his customers don't usually pair the CDM9s' w/ the Krell equipment (different price classes), but then he said "It's worth it". I agree.

I definitely agree w/ Sunnyboy, these need more "juice" to really sound great, and 600 wpc is some serious "juice".