CD player and DAC

Can you guys give me some suggestions on which cd player and DAC to buy. I am thinking about buying a used Music Hall CD MMF 25 or a Marantz CD6000. For the DACs, a used Bel Canto DAC 1 or a Channel Island. Which combination would be best? If there are better products out there for the same price, let me know. I plan to spend about $800. I know this question is a bit tough, but I have been doing some reasearch for a while now and I am still not sure what to buy.

BTW the rest of my system consists of a Parasound HCA 750 and MMGs.

If CD is your only digital source I think you will be better off spending all $800 on a CD player than split up the money and buy a so-so CD player and a so-so DAC.
I have great luck with the Bel Canto DAC1 (original) using a Pioneer DVD player as a transport. It is not so-so performance, buy the DAC1 with confidence.
Good luck,
I would agree with the first your price point blow your wad on one unit vs. monkeying with a DAC,cables,transport,etc...u could buy a used Rega 2000 which has an excellent 24/96 DAC for alot less than $800...and put the savings into a sub,cables,etc...
I'm not sure you can spend $800 and better the new one-box NAD C541i for $500.
I dont think you will get a better sounding front end
FOR THE MONEY than you will as DANVECT suggested. I
also would recommend a decent player with a really good
inexpensive DAC like the Bel Canto. I started with the
DAC1 and later upgraded to the DAC2 with great success.
I couldent be happier with it. I was happy with DAC1 but
couldent resist the upgrade. Check out the white paper on their web site for the DAC. It will help you to understand whats going on.

Good luck...
FOr $ could also go with a SACD/CD or used...and with Sony positioning themselves with new hybrid manufacturing facilities and upcoming releases...I would hesitate to "pigeon hole" myself with a redbook player...the format is about to break big time...
Phasecorrect has a good point... you could always add a
DAC for the redbook later on?
Thanks for all your help so far.
I will go with the Sidssp's suggestion and buy good CD player. The question is now, Which one? The Njoe Tjoeb 4000 seems like a good player, it got a lot of good reviews, what I really like is that it has a volume control, so I can connect it directly to my power amp.
Any suggestions on good CD players (preferably ones with a volume control)?
If you are willing to buy used and if you can stretch a little, I have seen a few Cary 303/100 for sale for $900-$950 on Audiogon. That is about 1/3 of the list due to the “mark 2” effect but nevertheless it is a killer player.
I agree with Phasecoreect also, you can get a damn nice Sony or Phillips SACD player used for well under 800. Or hell, new for that matter.

You can get a Sony 333 for 300 bucks, or a Phillips SCD 1000 for around 500.

Then if you ever want, upgrade the DAC.