CD Player - Amp Direct

What CD players are available with remote analogue or digital volume to direct connect to an amp? I am looking to bypass the need for a pre amp for my Class T amplifier.
Linn Genki
Audio Aero and Wadia are two I can think of.
Burmester 001 has integral preamp with analog out direct to power amplifier. (Sixty step volume control.)
Proceed CDP by Madrigal the makers of Mark Levinson will be an excellent choice.
Cheaper alternative will be to find power amps such as Denon POA 2400 with variable outputs but cannot use a remote. Got to get off the couch! Good luck.
The Cary 303/200 has digital volume control.
The Granite Audio model 657 "Super Stealth" tube cd player can bypass a pre amp and go directly into a power amp. There is a manual volume control on the back of the unit. I have one for sale on Audiogon. It is a great sounding cd player. Check their website for reviews.
Every cdp can be used direct to your amps with the passive Placette RVC (remote volume control). the Placette is less colored (more neutral) than any attenuator found inside a cdp (a generalization that i know no exception to although one may exist). the only issue is that since it is passive the interconnect from the RVC to your amp(s) should be short, your cdp needs to have reasonable output and the input impedence of your amps needs to be sufficient (high enough).

the Placette RVC is $1000 list price ($1800 list for balanced). it is very small (about 6" x 8" x 2") and will go about anywhere. it has bettered every active preamp (some over $14k) in my system.
Don't forget Accuphase- probably the best sounding digital gain circuitry.
The Mark Levinson N39 CD processor has the features you require. The volume is adjusted in the analog domain and it has both balanced and unbalanced outputs.
Just a follow up on the Levinson posts: The 39 & 390S are shipped with fixed output as the default. Make sure you check/change this to variable before connecting to your amp. Comment: I'd have to say that despite being a vinyl lover, this config (390S & #23) is actually listenable.
Resolution Audio CD players including their new Opus 21. Very fine.