cd player advice

iam looking for a nice cd player and need some help. my current setup is:
adcom gfa 555
adcom gtp 500II
ohm walsh 3xos
i was originally thinking about a rega planet but im not sure if my system/music taste demand a planet. now im thinking about a nad. any advice is appreciated. thanks
many cdps will have better performance at the extremes than that combination will show to full effect.That aside the Rega is a really good cdp and if you upgrade amp and pre it will reward with increased performance.
dvd player with Adcom GDA-600 DAC. that mates well with the trebley nature of the adcom gear. the gda600 is very smooth, like the rega planet (At least the one I heard). a gda600 should be about $150 used last time I checked.
The Rega Planet is a VERY smooth sounding CD player, almost to the point of being lush. If the rest of the system is very warm, this combination can be annoying (to me anyway). I think they tried very hard to make the sound similar to that from their turntables. But your Adcom gear is brighter sounding, not warm at all. I agree with Aroc that a smooth sounding CD player would be best with your bright sounding Adcom gear, so the Rega Planet could be a good match.
If you want the very best, buy an Exemplar Modified Denon 2900. It retails for about $3900.

If you can afford $1080, the Music Hall CD25 with "Performance Stage 3" mods by Sound Odyssey (listed as an ad under "CD players" on 'Gon)will likely not be bettered by any player in its price range and can be the foundation for future system upgrades. I have the Trichord Research Clock 4 and "Never-Connected" clock psu upgrades in my digital source and it has been a huge improvement. Combine the Trichord parts with the top grade transport drive already in the Music Hall player PLUS the analog stage mods with Black Gate caps, ultrafast diodes, etc., and you can't lose for the price. Many used "big name" CDPs are sold on 'Gon for way more and cannot compete with the sound you'd get from this package. I've perused all the CD25 mod packages offered on 'Gon and this one, to me, has the best bang for the buck.
Another cdp to consider at the nad pricepiont would be the line from Cambridge--either their new 640 or the older 500se. Excellent players for their price. I've a/b'd the 500se (which I used to own) with several nads (can't remember the model names off the top of my head [this was about two years ago], maybe the 541?) Anyway, the Cambridge was very clearly better--more dynamic, better bass, more articulate. I've also head the Planet, and it has a very seductive sound.