CD Player Advice

Hello, I'm wondering if I could get some advice? I am looking to replace an older Rotel CD player. I am fine with buying used or new and I'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion on what would be a nice player for around $500 or so? I have a Classe Integrated 100 watt amp and MMG speakers.

Keep your eyes open for a used Jolida JD-100. Heavy duty construction, tube outputs, extrememly good sound for the money.
I'm very pleased with my Jolida JD-100 also! Mine was around $500 and it came with modified upgrades!
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Make sure it will play any formats you want (mp3, sacd, dvda or???). May be worth getting a multi player like denon or oppo?
I'll throw a vote out for the Lexicon RT-20 which is a multi player, it can be had on the Gon for $850-$900. I know its a little out of your price range but MSRP on this player was $4995! I own one and it's built like a tank and sounds great!
Thanks for your replies! Knowing very little about tube style players, do they require a lot of maintenance, replacing the tubes etc.? I wont need a multiplayer as this will be used for cd's only.

Thank you.

You might be able to find a used Rega Apollo for that price, or one of their older players such as the Planet or Jupiter. I bought a new Apollo, and can tell you it has a very nice, warm sound.

Tube cd players do not require any more maintenance than solid state. The tubes in cd players and preamps generally last many thousands of hours. You might want to upgrade from the stock Jolida tubes for better sound.