cd player

I currently own a CD player EMM labs XDS1.
I would like to change, what better and reliable? Regardless of the price.

thank you
Better I don't know, but FWIW I'm breaking in a new Marantz SA11S3 and I'm impressed. Compared to Wadia, Raysonic, and BAT units which I have connected it is more detailed without being harsh (no digititis). More body than the Wadia, less transparency. Less warmth than the Raysonic, just a tad, a bit more forward mid-range. Flat out just plain better than the BAT which I retired. Very nice unit and certainly worth its price (discounted). Oh, it's bass is fuller and tighter than the players I compared it to. With the right recording it really slams.

I'm using a Cayin A100T integrated and driving Silverline Bolero speakers and listen to mostly classical and jazz music.

4 of my friends who had the XDS1 upgraded to the new 2 box TSDX/DAC2X combo. It is supposed to be a big upgrade separating the power supply between the DAC and transport.

what other gear is in your system?