CD pcm to ................SACD dsd "Wish List"

Which existing PCM recordings would you like to see converted to DSD? I'll start with anything from : "ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM", "THE BEATLES"
We may get the Beatles with MJ's current legal battle!

As for me I'd like to see Wilco, Radiohead, Rosanne Cash, U2 and the rest of the Pink Floyd catalog. Who knows if it will ever happen, but it is nice to dream- the selections I choose I feel there may actually be a market for, I have more obscure requests but even I am not dumb enough to hold my breath for them.
Solti's Ring Cycle on Decca (but must transferred/remastered correctly...none of that 16/44,1Khz multi-channel non-sense), Tristan und Isolde with Karl Bohm on DG, Berlioz' Nuits d'Ete with Regine Crespin on Decca, (1) of Bellini's Norma with Maria Callas, Count Basie's April in Paris, all of Dorian's Baroque & Renaissance discs. This is a start to my dream list.
Just more...a lot more, so SACD at least could be viable. The best has been SACDs role in re-vamping the sorry Stones CDs. I am so grateful for the worst-to-first turnaround.

To be a sport I would like to see Hendrix, just to warm myself in the irony of having dirty guitar playing reproduced on the poshest of resolutions. Is Dylan on SACD? And maybe Velvet Underground.