CD pcm to ................SACD dsd "Wish List"

Which existing PCM recordings would you like to see converted to DSD? I'll start with anything from : "ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM", "THE BEATLES"
We may get the Beatles with MJ's current legal battle!

As for me I'd like to see Wilco, Radiohead, Rosanne Cash, U2 and the rest of the Pink Floyd catalog. Who knows if it will ever happen, but it is nice to dream- the selections I choose I feel there may actually be a market for, I have more obscure requests but even I am not dumb enough to hold my breath for them.
Solti's Ring Cycle on Decca (but must transferred/remastered correctly...none of that 16/44,1Khz multi-channel non-sense), Tristan und Isolde with Karl Bohm on DG, Berlioz' Nuits d'Ete with Regine Crespin on Decca, (1) of Bellini's Norma with Maria Callas, Count Basie's April in Paris, all of Dorian's Baroque & Renaissance discs. This is a start to my dream list.
Just more...a lot more, so SACD at least could be viable. The best has been SACDs role in re-vamping the sorry Stones CDs. I am so grateful for the worst-to-first turnaround.

To be a sport I would like to see Hendrix, just to warm myself in the irony of having dirty guitar playing reproduced on the poshest of resolutions. Is Dylan on SACD? And maybe Velvet Underground.
Any Tori Amos. I've been waiting for these to come out on SACD for years!
Nine Inch Nails, Beatles, Pink Floyd.
Ohlala is Dylan on SACD?
Third the Floyd catalog and Roger Waters: Radio K.A.O.S.
David Gilmours albums
All Moody Blues
All Dire Straits
David and David: Boomtown
Robbie Robertson-selftitled
Joni Mitchell -catalog
Peter Gabreil-Catalog-HYBRID
Neil Young-all-forget the dvd-a
are you taking orders??
NIN..Downward Spiral was released on SACD.
I'd like to see 'the fragile' released just to have it, but I doubt SACD would sound better than the red book or vinyl version.
Quadruple the Floyd suggestion. Moody Blues catalog for sure and the Beatles!

Crosby Stills & Nash
Robin Trower

To name just a few off the top of my head.
Quadrophenia - The original recordings were made for quadrophonic sound, so it's a natural for 4 channel SACD. Can you imagine hearing "The Rock" coming at you from all sides? Can you see the real me? Can ya?

Ok, I'll stop.

Treyhoss-the Moody Blues are planned for SACD release (I mentioned this in a release update last year)-if they are not already available.
Atually to backtrack my post; with my EMM you don't have to, it does so automatically and the sound is incredible!

I recently went to the Moody Blues website but did not glean such information. There is an interview with Justin Heyward who says there has been some talk about it and would love to do the project. Unfortunately, I don't think it has begun or if it has isn't close to the release stage yet. BTW: The interview with JH was last Summer/Fall '04.

It's not on the Moody Blues web after all but here is the interview. It's a good interview.
Here is some info.
Thanks Ben, you made my day!
Jimi,Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs,Beatles,Heart Dreamboat Annie,,,
To expand on what has already been said and then some.......all Pink Floyd, Quadrophenia and Who's Next (I hear that these are forthcoming) ELP, John Hiatt, Eagles, Led Zep How the West was Won(DVD-Audio only do far) ZZ Top Tres Hombres through El Loco, Mahavishu, more Allmans, Yes and any and all AC/DC discs but particularly Live, Back in Black, Ballbreaker and Highway to Hell. I would also like them to reissue the SACD of Aerosmith Rocks.
Read on the web that Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is being released on SACD in April. With Peter Gabriel's obvious love of the format, I am hopinh we see many more releases but particularly Selling England by the Pound and a few from the Collins era includinf Wind and the Wuthering (imagine Squonk in hi rez) Seconds Out and Duke(IMHO the last Genesis CD worthy of the name, although Abacab was ok...just that it was a Phil Collins record and not true Genesis)
Philosophical point......The better our systems get and the more quality remasters that are issued, the more I realize that the true golden age of two channel recording was 1953 to around 1980. We all know about the RCA, Mercury, et al classical recordings, but as I listen to more and more "classic" rock I listen to, the more I realize that guys like George Martin, Alan Parsons, Tom Dowd, Roy Thomas Baker, Glyn Johns, Tom Scholz and others pretty much tried every technique of playing with the sonic picture imaginable. It is fascinating to hear this materiel the way it was orinally recorded with out limiting and compression. Bob Ludwig said recemtly that dynamic compression is the heart fo rock recordings, but to me, it is an entirely new experience to hear Queen with the the 4 or 5 overlayed guitars spread out across the entire outside the speakers rather than compressed in the middle a la Sex Pistols. I takes some getting used to because there can be a percieved loss of punch to the guitar, but definately better. Can't wait to hear the SACD of Boston. I think that surround mixes of these Albums are superfelous. Comments?
Good call on Coltrane....I wonder if on the original recording if Coltrane is panned HARD to one side like on the reissue or not. That doesn't strike me as typical for a Tom Dowd engineering job. Anybody have any comments?
Jd howdy sorry to be pedantic but Squonk is on Trick Of The Tail,the album before Wind And Wuthering.