CD organizing software

I've been playing with a couple CD organizing software applications in the last couple days & finally purchased Readerware. Really a very nice, simple (but very capable)package. I particularly like the reporting & printing options as I was looking for a way to avoid buying a cd I already had or remembering a specific cd I wanted to pickup. I wander through used book stores occasionally..really never know what I'll run into. It also does ipod if you want to go that route.

No doubt this really sounds like an ad, but I have no interest in Readerware other than as a new customer. I did search here at Agon for CD organizer options and didn't come across I thought I'd post to help others out.
I use iTunes I also use excel for inventory lists.
I probably should have mentioned...I was also looking for fast and easy data entry. The software allows the use of a barcode scanner..zippp..and everything is in there.

My excel spreadsheets at work often exceed excel's maximum 66000+ rows (I shift over to access at that point), but I didn't want to type in the various CD data fields.
I use Music Collector. It allows you to use a bar-code scanner or searches various databases directly from the CD. It also offers an app for the iPhone that allows you sync your desktop database to your iPhone - very handy when shopping to avoid duplicates.