CD or Streaming... am I missing out?

I listen to CD in my headphone office system. Use a Theta Compli transport and a very nice and pricey tube 16/44 DAC. Have thought about a streaming capability and all its benefits but am both limited by SPDF and by 16/44 only. I also love the analog sound of my tube DAC. Does streaming sound far surpass CD? Am I missing out?
My listening tells me I hear a difference between 44 / 16 and 96 / 24 files when streaming and less of a difference going to 192 / 24.

Therefore going to 384 / 32 could produce a bump if the the recording would support the higher sample rate.

If the bits are the same, and the compression is lossless, the sound is the same. It doesn't matter what differences people think they hear. They don't exist. And the bits of a high quality streaming service, like Amazon Music HD, are the same as CD. Actually, Amazon Music UHD has more bitrate depth than CDs.

I've sold most of my CDs, except the nearly impossible to replace, the very few that aren't on my streaming service and the remasters. Streaming saves a lot of physical storage space, obviously the selection is almost limitless and the convenience is ridiculous. Everything about my streaming, even turning on my system, is voice-controlled. Plus, I can wirelessly cast my ripped CDs from my laptop. CDs are going extinct.
Streaming is for babies!!! Real men spin vinyl. Put a turntable in your office.

Whatever the sample and bit rate, analog is infinite.
My main listening is done through a TT rig.
The one CD a day in my office system-“wow, that’s interesting”.
The several LPs a day in my main rig-“wow, I am speechless”.
Both CDs and streaming sound very good on my system with CDs having a definite edge.  But ever since I acquired the GeerFab Sound extractor, SACDs have been my go-to for sound quality.  SACDs come very close to analog with this device.  Red book CDs are enhanced sonically as well with it.
Records still sound the best though.
Whatever the sample and bit rate, analog is infinite.
No, analog isn't "infinite." It's bandwidth limited just as digital is.