CD or Streaming... am I missing out?

I listen to CD in my headphone office system. Use a Theta Compli transport and a very nice and pricey tube 16/44 DAC. Have thought about a streaming capability and all its benefits but am both limited by SPDF and by 16/44 only. I also love the analog sound of my tube DAC. Does streaming sound far surpass CD? Am I missing out?

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Using a Primakuna PROLOGUE CLASSIC CD player against a Lumin T2 two of us could hear no difference in “regular” tracks and thought “high res” streaming sounded richer.

Naturally two ageing men with arguably not the best hearing may not be definitely the best to suss out what’s what but we were convinced.

As many have said steaming done right (upper mid to high end) makes CD’s redundant. As for a high end vinyl set up verses high end streaming that gets into gang warfare.