CD or DVD player to use as a transport

Worried about the life of the Onkyo C-7030 CD player I'm currently using as a transport.  Looking for another CD player (or DVD player) that has coax and optical output that I can use as a CD transport.  Looking for reliability.  
Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Player !!! Eats everything CD, SACD, HDCD, DVD, Bluray, and some other formats. Highly capable DACs on board, audio upsampling future, oh and extremely regarded Pure Audio future which disables all electrical chains except those which takes part in audio path, even front panel lights are disappears all in favor off lowering interference and cleaner sound. 
Buy the CXC or Audiolab Cd6000 transport. 
For many years I have used an old Theta Compli.
I think it originally sold for $2500. This is a DVD/CD transport with coax output. To get something of similar quality today, you would certainly have to pay many thousands. I paid about $500. Highly recommend you look for one.