CD mats, any good ones?

Does anyone use a CD mat that actually "improves" the sound. I have used AudioPrism BlackLight, glows in the dark, mat but heard no improvement in sound. I have heard good things about Madrigo Orpheus Crossbow mat, recommended by Cable Co, rather expensive....looking for feedback and any positive experiences.....or is this just a tweakers imagination....Regards Sam
Thanks meg.Sam,I thought I was the only one who heard nothing from A.P. glow mat.I tried another one .I think it is called stat mat.Clear plastic w/black pattern Lil'sucker got stuck in the player-the disc came out,no mat on top.It is in a landfill somewhere in Ca. now.I got that U.F.O. thing from Music Direct. A hand held demagnetiser, 300 big ones. But it works.Sort of like you just bought this mega buck power cord or line conditioner.--BLACK,BLACK background.Can't miss it.
George, I have to laugh when I see that add for UFO, I suppose it does similar thing to Bedini Clarifier, I've read that Radio Shack bulk tape eraser accomplishes de-gaussing for reasonable cost, perhaps I should look into this.....regards Sam
I've used Aurex CD mat. It's invented by a material science Ph.D. It's amazing! All my friends can hear the difference. It really improves CD sound quality. It costs only $30. My email is if you want to discuss more.
Ykchu, where did you buy your mat, and could describe the improvements you hear? Any negatives? Most high end CD manf will tell you there is no need for mat.....but what would you expect from them......George my local radio shack has heavy duty bulk demagnitizer for under $40, I may give it a try, although I hear this effect is only temporary and must be done each time CD is played....regards Sam
Hi,I guess when P.T.Barnum says there's a sucker borne every minute ;He was probably refering to me directly.And yes you do it to,hey that was before I came to Audiogon.NOW-I are twice as smarter than before. I wonder if the mat referred to is the one that got stuck inside my player ? The price is the same.
I own a Mark Levison 31.5 Drive and I tested the Aurex CD Mat. However, the combination gave very bad sound. I have been using the stat mat for a long time and it goes well with the Mark Drive. I guess the Aurex CD Mat is just too 'heavy' for the Mark Drive.
I have found through the years that some tweeks really work, some don't at all, and some trade off improvements in some areas for deficiencies in others. I have used the AudioPrism mat with mixed results. Same for the Q-151 coating oil. What seems to consistently work well is to use the Densen DeMagic first, Gruv Glide ( read CD instructions carefully) second,the TEAC head demagnetizer third, and finally the ZEROSTAT last. I have stumbled on to these products mostly by accident. The difference is far from subtle and has been immediately apparent to every audiophile friend who has heard the system. Good luck!
I was able to buy used Marigo CrossBow mat from Cable Co., I will test next week and report if it is an improvement or just another "coaster" to place drinks on. From various tweak sites this mat gets most recommendations, but I am concerned that any mat on top of CD will cause increased error correction to be employed by laser, and therefore no sound improvement.....regards Sam