CD Mat with Sony SCD-1 or SCD-777ES?

Has anyone used a CD mat with either of the SOnys? I have the 777 but was not sure if the mat would work in the unit or if the unit would jam?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
how would one use a CD mat in a top loader like the Sony especially with the puck ?
Yes. I bought the one sold by Music Direct, the S.I.D. and used with my SCD-1.

Now I've tried a lot of tweaks, and some, like the Aurios, made a noticeable improvement. But I never heard a difference using the S.I.D.

Your mileage may vary.
Herbie's grungebuster "T" CD Mat is designed specifically for top-loading CD players/drives. The regular grungebuster CD Mat (for drawer-type CD's) also works perfectly well with top-loading CD players/drives.