CD/LP storage with DOORS

Slowly, slowly, I'm migrating away from college-style furniture.....

And I've reached the point where the weakest link in my living & dining area are the LP and CD storage racks.

I'd really like some nice pieces that look like decent furniture when closed. That CAN close. Where you don't see the cds or LP's until you open some kind of door.

I'm NOT seeking to spend huge bucks on it (let's talk hundreds rather than thousands...).

Have you seen and/or experienced any such furniture that you LIKE?!

I haven't purchased any furniture from him as I live in Alaska and can you say "shipping charges".

However, he advertises here on the Gon frequently and his equipment racks are gorgeous to me in the pictures he displays.

He states in his ad if you want custom work "contact him".

If I lived in the continental US, I would definitely have some of his work. Timbernation I think is his business?

Search the Gon advertisers

His work looks excellent and I think you will still be in the hundreds rather than thousands range.

Have Fun!