cd/lp racks for future music room

looking for advise on nice looking, furniture grade display shelves or racks to hold my cd and lp's.
prefer "low key" designs that you feel would enhance a dedicated moderate sized room.
thanks to all!
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Check out the above vendors.You should find something to suit your taste from them.

Have fun shopping.
Check for lp racks. They come in maple, cherry, black poles or silver poles. Single wide and double wide.
I recommend the modular furniture from Per Madsen Design. The stuff is attractive, well designed and well built. I've been using his stuff for almost 20 years and I've not had a single problem. Check it out:
I know this is an ancient thread...I am new here-am looking to sell my Per Madsen/Rackit furniture. I have several CD 180s and a few for vinyl and 45s. Is there a market for these here? They are in good condition in storage now and come from a smoke free home.