CD, LP & Digital Management

Right now I have itunes with some purchased music from itunes and Amazon and I have been loading my CD's as lossless. I have about 350 vinyl albums that I want to catalog. Then there's my laptop with a external drive holding MP3's for loading onto my wife and my ipods. Is there a software that will help catalog all of this music so I can manage what I have better? I would want a list of LP's so I can remember what I have when vinyl shopping. I saw Collectorz has an iphone app for the CD's but wonder how this all can be rolled into one, or not. Any ideas?
What about playlists in Itunes. I use them to define genres but it can be used with proper keywords for any sorting.
Google offers a free spreadsheet.

I use that to keep track of my albums and dont have to worry about deleting it by mistake.