CD loading problem with Lexicon RT-20

Intermittent with some discs. Doesn't happen with some discs.
Doesn't happen with DVDs or SACDs. Can the CD read head/laser go out of alignment on its own? Discs are impeccably clean.
Removing and rotating discs often helps. Help?
i prefer to clean laser pickup gently with qtip inside the mechanizm. you can get descent cleaning liquids from
How do you do the cleaning. I have never looked inside the unit. Don't know anything about these things.
the laser pick up lense is often exposed inside the mechanism.
Thanks. I hope someone else can expand with more detail.
It may be the laser assembly is near the edge of dying. I had similar experience, laser died later.
Any way to check the laser assembly?
you'll have to open your top cover and than you'll have to open the housing to reach CD-tray where you will see laser lens on the bottom. there's no way to check it technically, but if explicit cleaning would not stop skipping, you will have to take appart mechanizm or simply replace it. the mechanizm itself should not cost a fortune and in most cases is in $3x.xx range.