CD load problem with McIntosh MCD7008 CD Player

I wonder if anyone has had the problem with the CD drawer
not opening when the load button is pressed. I can manually
open the drawer if I press the load button, but it won't
open automatically. I was hoping I did'nt have to wait 3 weeks for our local repair rep. to look at it. Thanks
I also have to get mine started as you mentioned. I have read in earlier posts that there is a solution by means of changing a part but it has to be sent in to the factory or Audio Classics. Call the latter for more info or inquire on line at If you find out exactly what part and how much let me know.
The drawer is apparently notorious for getting mechanically "stuck". I just had mine in for this very problem, New belts and various realignments fixed the problem for me.
I have it repaired once. Then it failed again. Now, I use a clip to open it manually and close it with my fingers. Works well.