CD Jewel cases - Over 20 years and no improvement

We are over 20 years with CD now and CD Jewel cases still use delicate hinge points. I have hard wood floors and everytime I drop a jewel case it is almost a given that one of the weak hinge points is going to break. I purchased a David Sanborn (hybrid) CD earlier this year and it had much beefier hinge points, I was hoping this was a sign of things to come, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Am I alone in this frustration? If not, is there a way our voice can be heard, like flooding (whomever) with emails?

40(?) years of cassettes and still no improvements to the cases either.
You're right! They are very delicate and break regularly. Like most packaging though, it never changes until someone invents a cheaper and/or better alternative -- and I bet those new approaches are often conceived by independent inventors. Remember the tin cans that required a can opener before the flip tops came around? There's money in this! Surely one of our Audiogoners can develop a new approach and retire off the patent royalties. We'll all certainly be grateful.

While you're at it, how about a better way to get the wrapping off? ;-)
Records still come in paper sleeves and fragile card jackets, come on dont drop em and you dont need to worry
This is one of my pet peeves. Every time I open a new CD case for the first time, one of the hinges pops open and then it seems as though its prone to do so for the rest of its life.
Ozfly, here's the solution to opening CDs. The EZ CD Opener.

It works great.
Hey, what's wrong with tradition?!!

CD jewel cases sucked in the past, they suck in the present, and they'll suck in the future!

Does any vender sell just the clear plastic lids, and NOT the whole jewel case?
I had one of those CD Openers. Two problems: it would scratch the spine of the cd case and it wore out. Now, I just keep a small utility knife in my desk drawer. I agree with Ozfly, we need a device to get that annoying anti-theft tape off the edges.
Yeah, why not make them like SACD cases?????
And don't get me started on the cardboard things that you have to slide the cd in and out.

CD opener...I love mine.
I agree with Ozfly, we need a device to get that annoying anti-theft tape off the edges.

Maybe I have the only EZ CD Opener that works, but after opening over 100 CDs, I have yet to scratch the edge of a case. The EZ slices the anti-theft tape and makes it easy to peel the tape off the case. And, the razor has yet to dull. Jimminy, the darn thing costs $1.50! If the blade gets dull, buy a new one.

Member Gunbei posted once about his method for opening CD cases that was ingenious. It involved taking apart the two halves in one motion. Maybe he'll step in and describe the method again.
Doesn't it seem right that a medium that sucks so bad should have a bad case??? : (
WORSE YET, you received your favorite CD import (lots of $$$$) open the damn thing without dropping or scratching the case and BINGO, the CD falls out and smacks the table or floor !!
You found out the plastic el-cheapo center pins were cracked as you swear your brains out.

The other thing I HATE are those plastic stop (dots)
that hold the front art work or booklet.
They do a nice job of TRASHING the edge of it (esp. if has been thrown around during shipping or otherwise, ever notice ?
You dont need a tool to open them, I always spread the tabs slightly at the spine, then turn the front sideways and the jewel case sticker will pull away from the one half, then I pull off the other half and put the case back together
Tvad, You gently with your fingernail pry the lower jewel-case hinge of the spine. Once the lower hinge of the jewel case cover is removed the top hinge follows suite. Then you start to fold the cover over the top so that it's ready to touch the back of the jewel-case. As your performing this action gently start to to pull the two pieces apart. This removes the Cd security/artist-title sticker as a whole without cutting, or leaving any adhesive residue.

Hope this makes sense?

Unfortunately this doesn't work for the 3 security stickers on Dvd's. Cutting on the seam of the case with an Xacto knife, then peeling of 6 sections is the least aggravating time saving way.

There is the perfect Jewel case ...Xrcd and Mini-Lp jackets.

The size of DVD cases is really stupid also, there was never a need for them to be this large. And why 3 protection seals ...I dunno who the brain behind that whole marketing concept was?
Audiobugged, thank you! Sorry if I attributed the method to the wrong contributor.

Tvad, I never saw Gunbei/Dean's post so maybe it's different from what I mentioned. I learned this trick 3-5 years ago from a friend of mine who owns a record shop. We where BS'ing while he was opening a CD, my jaw almost hit the floor as I watched how easy this was to get the security label off in one piece with no sticky stuff.
The cardboard, "wallet" style CD containers are the best, in my opinion. But - - - they cost quite a bit more to manufacture than the ubiquitous (and crappy) plastic ones. It's all about $$$$ !!
Tvad, I just got back to this thread. Thanks for the tip. Ditto Audiobugged. I'll have to go buy a cd just to try it out!
Here's a trick for those who like to live dangerously! Use a lighter, especially one that has the blue pin-point flame, and hit the shrink wrap for a fraction of a second. The shrink wrap will crinkle melt [upon itself] leaving a hole and will peel easily from this opening. If you use a cheapo disposable lighter you may end up with a soot smudge on the jewel case, which will wipe of with a cloth or your finger.

CAUTION! Don't use this method for a CD with a cardboard case which will scorch or discolor, or imported CD's that use a plastic wrap that feels "different"...thicker and having a "vinyl-like" feel. These will melt, and leave a sticky mess!

The shredding security sticker can be peeled off, if you use a fingernail to start the corners on BOTH sides of the jewel case...DON'T START WITH THE EDGE, A BIG MISTAKE!
Great suggestions here, thank you.
there are lots of quality differences in cases from different manufacturers. the maxell is better than most(not as delicate)......a jewel case can run from 7 cents to 25 cents to a music label and the difference in quality in huge. needless to say, most take the cheapest route.
Fatparrot, I couldn't find a blue flame pin-point lighter, but the local Army Surplus store just made me a sweet deal on a backpack style flame thrower. I think I have the flame fully pin-pointed and nice-n-blue. I now should be able to scortch an opening into shrink-wrap at 30 yards, and I won't have to mow the lawn for a while now either. But I blew the new cd buying budget on this new tool. So would anyone like to loan me some of their new cd's for opening?
Sorry Audiobugged, I .. uh .. can't seem to locate any unopened cd's right now. You know, I was thinking about switching to all vinyl; maybe I'll go that route so no need to look in your mailbox for any cd's from me ;-) LOL at your post!
I don't have any new cd's BUT - You can come "mow" my lawn. :-D LOL!!!
Ever since hearing about the "disconnect lower hinge, flip cover up, peel away security sticker" procedure, I no longer get angry opening CD cases. My life became much more blissful and relaxed, and I owe it all to audiogon.

Unfortunately, my problem now seems to be DVD center locks--those funny plastic thingamabobs that hold the DVD in the actual case... I believe you are supposed to press down on the center while removing the CD. Since I'm usually standing in front of my CD/DVD holding the case in one hand, performing a push in the center and pull on the outside lip with one hand invariably seems to result in bending the DVD into a U shape. I'm surprised I haven't broken one. Maybe my fingers are just too fat.

The second and third sticky tapes on CDs should be called anti-consumer tapes. CD manufacturers who insisted on using three sticky tapes instead of just one are either mentally challenged or seriously sick.

In the comfort of my own home and with all the time and all the tools at my disposal, I still rarely ever managed to peel off one of those wretched tapes without it breaking apart into annoying little pieces that had to be removed individually. If a shoplifter can overcome a sticky tape and remove the CD in a store without being detected, he/she deserves a free CD. And if one sticky tape can’t stop a shoplifter, how are three going to do it? On the other hand, if the intention is to torture CD buyers for as long as possible, three tapes are perfect.

I’ve noticed that most CDs from Europe have just one sticky tape or none at all. Does Europe have less talented shoplifters or could it be that CD manufacturers over there are smarter than here?

Tvad: You’re right. The little tool to cut open the anti-theft sticky tapes is fantastic. Unfortunately, pealing them off is still a pain in the neck. The wretched thing still rarely ever comes off in one piece. And the sign that says “peel here” is a sick joke. You can peel anywhere you want and the tape still won’t come off easily. Note: on DVD, peeling the tape off with your finger nails usually damages the plastic cover underneath. Brilliant design!

Adiobugged/Edesilva: The technique you discussed—opening the taps—really works. A Border’s employee showed me how to do it. I have used it successfully on CDs with one sticky tape. But with three tapes, we are back to square one!

Prpixel: I’m with you. The first person to invent a device to efficiently remove those sticky anti-theft tapes should receive a Nobel Prize, or may be two. Assuming that there are 500 million CDs sold worldwide annually and 5 minutes are wasted on each CD to get rid of those nasty tapes, the device would prevent 40 million man-hours of frustration and restore over 40 million man-hours of lost productivity per year which would be a significant contribution to world peace and prosperity.
I just a few short years, we won't have to worry about packaging and sticky tape, because we'll all be downloading music onto our audiophile hard drive music servers.

Tvad, one can only hope never to see those sticky tapes again. But knowing their track record, the people in charge WIIL come up with some way--a digital equivalent of anti-theft tape--to make the new medium less enjoyable to use.

Common sense is just not very common anymore.
... at office supply and electronics stores. Comes in handy.