CD integrated v. DAC

Looking into buying a CD "player". Im looking at getting a integrated player or possibly a DAC unit to add to my current player. I can get a higher end DAC for the same price as a lower integrated unit. Is ther any advantage to matching brands? My current system Audio Note oto SE integrated and B&W CDM-1NT speakers with a Marantz CC4300 changer. Im looking at an audio note DAC-1 v. there ANCD2 integrated player. By the way Samply rates filtering of Audio Note DACs ?????
Thanks all DAMN guess i shoulda posted under Analog??
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flickkit, i often wonder if icould improve my universal players performance by adding agood DAC...Im fairly new to all this.
Im new too. What a world huh ? cables wires dac who knew.
ANyway my only experience is hooking up a AN DAC-zero to my Marantz changer. The DAC was on CD1 and the direct connect was thru CD2 selector. I could switch back and forth. The difference was incredible. Im going to get a DAC that way I can update to a better Transport later. Ill keep my changer on the other imput so I can play 5 discs of party background. See if you can find a dealer in your area to let you addition a DAC.
A salesperson asked me if my system sounded good. I replied Heck if I know ..I thought it did until I got my B&Ws so i chucked my Cerwin Vegas, Then i got my Audionote so I chucked my Denon rec. Then I tried Apature bi-wires so I chucked my wires... then I tried the DAC...I gotta have one........ Just how good does it get????????
Gotta stop somewhere..... By the way it sounds good now! I THINK Good luck
Well there's a good reason that outboard dacs cost what they do and that's because they are usually far superior to built in dacs. On a changer it's pretty much a no brainer. Both of you guys would most likely be better off using your changers and transports and finding a dac in your price range. Do your research as there's alot of them out there. Give your price range and people will be happy to make suggestions.
A resonable price range for me is $1500.00
Suggestions? Also Do DACs work for both DVD outputs AND CD outputs. My buddy has a combo does a DAC care which format is being played?