CD input in Audio Reserach

Has anyone used Audio Research SP9 MkIII? I got some problems with CD input.. The signal form cd input was so low, but the same way if I changed to connect to another input, it's work fine..???. How everyone who have this unit usd the CD input?

I talked to somebody they said the CD input in the old preamp (after 95) used to have high capacity than other input because in the old time, CD used to have too hight singnal..??!?..Is that Ture?.. I'm never hear before...This is my first ARC pre-amp, I just brought this unit last week in AudioGon. Would like to know this is a typical or I got the damage pre-amp unit?.. Please help me, I'm very worry..

Thank you
I have an SP-9 Mk II and the CD input is intentionally at a lower level. I think it's 6 dB but I don't have the manual available to check. I would presume the Mk III is the same way. It's working fine don't worry about it!
I think, according to my LS1 and LS3 manual, there is a way to adjust the gain by soldering, desoldering something, contact ARC directly.
Do not worry:)There is a resistor across that input that lowers the gain, It is factory and is not damaged. Give ARC a call and speak to Leonard . He can tell you the details.:) (763) 577-9700
I stupidly lost the link to that WebSite that shows all the changes to ARC products over the years, but, as an SP9 owner, either the Mk II or Mk III reduced the CD input level as mentioned above. Simply use any other unused input since they are all electrically the same. The phono input is not advised for this application.