CD Help

I am new to high end audio, and have recently purchased the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor and am pairing it with the Sonus Faber Musica. I am having trouble finding a CD player that is a good fit with this combination.

When I demo'd the gear, I listened to a YBA player that I thought sounded great. However, I have reservations about the electronics of the YBA (it didn't read one of my disks). I then auditioned three CD players on a different system (with Audio Physics speakers) this weekend. These were the new Musical Fidelity $2500, Arcam FMJ33, $2500, and store demo two year old Cary 303/200 $2300 (askings). I thought the Cary was the best of the group, and was unfortunately disappointed with the Arcam.

Recognizing this is an individual preference, I would appreciate any thoughts from more experience listeners on players. I feel like both the speaker and the amp can handle a very good source, and am reluctant to pair them with a weaker CD player. That said, i am not particularly crazy about moving into $4k for a CD. Any thoughts on strong, neutral, pure 2-channel CD players for this system?
If the store will not let you demo players at home do not buy from them.

That said, best player to your ear, within your budget, that is available with a warranty. I have bought players used that had short lives.

Good luck.
I just bought a NorthStar 192 Transport and DAC - see thread with that title - and like them very much. I think you get them new on Audiogon for about $2,800 though they retail for 5K
A Jolida 100A is an awesome player even in stock form. At the 1K price definately competes wiith players in the 1.5-2K arena. CD redbook only, 24/96 upsampleing. 2-12AX7 tubes to roll to your hearts content if you wish. Very well built and can be modded to several levels of performance. Can be found pre owned for about $650. which is great. Hey, if you dont like can easliy resell it out here on the goN! for what you paid used. Worth a look by all means. :) Ken
There is a Quad CDP up for sale on AgoN right now for about $1000 This is an excellent machine. I own one myself and can not justify spending more for any other high end player.
I have absolutely no affiliation with the person selling the player, I just think it's a great value and capable of keeping up with any system.
I second Jolida CDP. If you want better, get a Parts Connexion Level 1 or 2 mod. by buying from Underwood Audio in Atlanta.
I am with Kehut and Beavis. I have owned the JD-100A and would suggest the stock mod with NOS Mullard CV4004. I have also heard the level 2 mod from Parts Connexion and would put my money on the stock unit and NOS tubes, IMO.

Kehut has done more tube rolling than I with this unit, so if you go that way, you would have some sound advice!

I would suggest contacting Wally (Underwoodwally) at for a new JD-100A - super guy.
I fourth the Jolida JD100 (there is only one "A"). The Cary 303 is very nice too but I couldn't justify the extra money. I tried various NOS tubes in the Jolida with spectacular results.
I fifth the Jolida. I recently purchased one for second tube based system and while I was waiting for the amp (and speakers) I put it into action where my Meridian 508.24 sits. I have to say it came damn close, especially when I substituted new EH 12ax7s for the stock Chinese tubes that came with it. You will not be disappointed by this giant killer. In the tube based system (finally assembled after two months) it sounds sublime. By far one of the best values ever.
One more vote for the Jolida. Give me an email if you want a NIB stock player. I sell them. Full warranty and all that good stuff.
So Keiserrg asks for help on cdps and we note his candidates are all in the $2K+ range. But 5 out of 7 individual responses so far (not counting Bignerd in either number as he is a dealer; he may genuinely like it but counting him is not good science) recommend the sub-$1K Jolida!

Is the JayDee really all that? Not arguing, really want to know (I guess from others, hm? Already know what the above think!)