CD for Shindo System?

Any body knows which CD Player Ken Shindo uses to voice his equipment?
Since Shindo also makes a turntable I would be willing to bet Ken uses his turntable to voice his equipment.
why would you use a CD player with such woderful gear??
While I would doubt that Shindo uses anything but a turntable to fine-tune and voice his system, I think it is naive to think that he has never listened to how a cd player sounds through equipment he is in the process of designing.
I also think that it is pretentious to make a statement about why he or anyone would listen to anything but vinyl on a Shindo system. I, for one, can't give up listening to live Dead. This stuff doesn't exist on vinyl.
Sounds great on my Shindo system anyway. Maybe not as great as a lot of my vinyl, but SO WHAT!
It's about the music, right?
Keep on truckin....
Because Shindo makes a "CD Munching Transformer" to help mate a CD source with their preamps, they must use some digital source as a reference. I myself use a GNSC Opus 21 with Shindo gear and it is superb.