CD exchange club?

A fellow forum member recently posted that for just the postage cost he would send 2 cd's to anyone interested. I responded and yesterday received 2 Jethro Tull cd's complete with jewel cases/inserts...thanks agn Larry! I sent him the roughly $3.00 expense for the tunes. Has anyone considered doing this ongoing?? Will it be allowed by forum rules?? Is there any interest??

There are web sites that do something similar but you not only incur the shipping cost to the recipient but you normally also pay a fee for receiving a cd. I know I have several cd's in very good condition that we don't listen to any longer and would be happy to send them along if it wasn't going to cost me anything.
check out trading via It's great.
Now my question is, do you then send the CDs back to the person who sent them to you in the first place later, or is this sending your CDs away for good? Personally I would be interested either way...
This one is well-conceived, but it's sometimes tough to get what you want:
I have used swapacd and have had so so experience with it. But again, you not only have to pay to ship the cd to somebody but you also pay a fee to receive a cd. Never heard of lala, will have to check it out. My thought is if you send a cd to somebody it goes for good. I think I have many cd's that perhaps I would like to keep a song or 2 from but the rest of the disc would not be missed. I think I would probably rip the songs I want to keep and kiss the cd goodbye?