CD,DVD,Vinal storage??

I am having the hardest time trying to find a storage cabinet for my CD's, DVD's, LD's and a few LP's. I seem to only be able to find those "ultra-modern" and spartan-like stands at the Best-Buys out there. Fine furniture stores only have the big entertainment cabinets. I'm looking for something that is "furniture" but don't need something huge. Surely, with the popularity of DVD's, this type of storage would be more available. I have an old record cabinet I'm using for my LD's/LP's now but it has been through a lot and doesn't match my current furniture. Any ideas?? I'd rather not pay for a "custom" job but may not have another choice. What are you all doing for this media storage?
If you own your own home (you did not say) consider built in bookshelves with KD brackets. You can (then) put shelves in at any height, and with a quarter round fastened on the shelf at the depth of either the DVD, CD, or LP, you have all the software sitting at exactly the same exposure to the viewing area. It also allows for books, record cleaning machine, and AV equipment. I have done all of the above and have tremendous success with this system. It is inexpensive if you built from floor to ceiling and space the divisions at about 30". This will provide the most diversity. I am willing to discuss this with you if you wish.
I have "customized" a medical file cabinet to store my records and CDs. I bought this (used for $90.00)at an office furniture company. I dislike having to turn my head sideways so I can see the spine of a record album or CD. With the file cabinet I can see the front cover of each record or CD just like in the store. The medical file cabinet I have has three drawers which are about 18" wide on the inside. I put the records on one side of the drawer and the CDs go in the left over space so records and CDs are side by side. I have enough room for about 400 records and 150 CDs. Finding anything is easy.
I have about 1000 CDs that I need a cabinet for. I have only a small condo and not much space. Does anybody know of anything that looks pretty decent with a high storage capacity? And, to make things worse, I am looking on the cheap.
What are you willing to spend and what style of furniture do you have?
To Albertporter and everyone else, thanks for the suggestions. I do own the house but I'd rather not build shelves. Ideally, I'd like a solid coffee table with drawers that would slide out. To clarify a little further, I'm pretty well set with CD storage, it's just the DVD's, LD's and Lp's that I don't have room for. I think the industry that produces DVD really missed out by not the packaging be the same size as CD. I guess they didn't want the confusion between them and CD. BTW, I like the DVD cases and don't want to buy a bunch of jewel boxes to put DVD's in. You'd think the furniture industry would have picked up on this and would make these things. The primary thing I want is to have the discs hidden from view and have them housed in some nice looking "furniture". Oh well, maybe I'll start up a business - HA HA!
I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but try They are a midwest retail store with a mail order operation. A sort of Frank Lloyd Wright theme. Contemporary yet classic. I bought a lot of furniture from them when I lived in Chicago, and wish they had a store near the NYC area where I now reside. I have gotten a lot of compliments. Not specifically designed for audio though. Good luck!
Try Per Madsen Design (415)822-4883 P.O. Box 882464 San Francisco, CA 94188 This company used to advertise in Stereophile a lot (I don't have a recent issue, so I don't know if they are still around). They sell storage for all formats, in modular form (stackable, portable, oak units).