CD/DVD Tweak ?

Is anyone using a heavy weight on top of their CD or DVD player? What's the purpose of this? What's the best material to use? I would think that it would reduce the players internal vibration. What does this tweak do for sound and or video quality?

How does this tweak work with air isolation? Should both methods be used(heavy weight & air) or just one or the other? I'm a little confused. Is this worth trying or is it voodoo?


I use to own the original Cambridge Audio CD4 player. It benefited from weight on top. I used what I would basically call a sand bag. Helped cut down on vibrations and improved the image and focus of the player. There use to be an article about at the Inner Ear Report.
I've used a bright star audio little rock. The weight will help on a air suspension type of platform. The little rock also has something in it to help control RFI.

The more weight on a air platform usually equals lower resonance point...a good thing...