CD/DVD storage units

Hello fellow members.

Does anyone have any experience with the CD/DVD storage units from Can-Am. The three draw unit looks like it will work perfectly in my closet and has enough room to allow my collection to grow but it will be closs to $600 with the spacers and shipping. Any suggestion on something similar in size and capacity that is less expensive? I don't have any problems with the amount or the unit itself, just wondering if there are any alternative before I make a purchase.
I love my "the cube"'s by (800) 933-0403. They are well made and attractive and have stood up to years of use. They each store 306Cds and are stackable. You could easily stand on them without any give. You can see what they look like in my system pics.
Over the last seven years I've purchased three Lorentz CD Cubes for my Dad and he really likes them. They have excellent fit and finish and look nice.

I also use some of Wood Technologys' cabinets. While not as well made or nice looking as the Lorentz units, they are less expensive.

I always see an ad for similar wood cabinet storage units in the back of Stereophile magazine. I can't remember the name, but they seem pretty nice.
The cubes are $260 a piece
I've had four of the Can Am units over the years--sold one here not too long ago. These things are *heavy*. Industrial strength, and moving them around is a chore. That said, they have followed me around for a couple moves and still look new. The divider system is a bit odd, but it works OK, and you can cram an awful lot in them... Note that if you do order them, they will arrive by freight handler, not UPS or FedEx. Sometimes that can be a pain as well...
I am a bit concerned about the delivery. My wife and I both work so we're not home during the day. I doubt they would leave a package that big unattended and probably would need someone to sign for it. I could have it delivered to my wife's place of employment but then we would have to move it in her van to the house. I noticed that the 3 drawer unit weighs almost 100 lbs so I'm sure that will be a pain to move around.