CD / DVD player suggestions

Here's your chance to help me out folks. I am in search of a new DVD and / or CD player for my bedroom system. This will be replacing the CD player that i currently have there. Since this is not one of my main systems, the price range is somewhat limited and i would like to keep it within reason. Some background as to what i'm working with and looking for is listed below:

I am trying to match a Quad based system ( FM 4 tuner, 44 preamp, 405 power amp ) in terms of both cosmetics ( not REAL important ) and sonics ( more important ). Speakers are a custom built 4 box system consisting of a pair of two way monitors that are very similar to Sequerra Metronome 7's in design & appearance ( but with a soft dome instead of a cone tweeter ). These are mounted on 24" tall spiked stands. Bottom end is supplemented by a pair of down-firing 10" subs that are in sealed & stuffed cabinets with a Q of appr .7 or so. Interconnects are modified Kimber PBJ's. Speaker cables consist of modified XLO's for the sat's and some 8 gauge cables that i built for the subs. I am working on incorporating my satellite receiver, TV and Panasonic stereo VCR into this system but haven't gotten around to it yet.

So, what i would like is ( preferably ) a physically small DVD player that sounds GOOD and doesn't cost a fortune. This way i could watch movies or play CD's on it. If i can't find anything suitable, i'll simply go with a CD player that fits the bill. My girlfriend uses this system WAY more than i do, so ease of use and remote capability is imperative.

While i've got the system pretty well balanced out between the smooth electronics / slightly bright cables / slightly warm speakers, i would prefer a little bit more "pep" or "open" sound in the player instead of warmth. She likes to sing along / listen to the words and a slight high frequency emphasis makes it easier to pick out the harmonic overtones of vocals.

I haven't looked at what is available in DVD players recently, so i'm hoping that those that stay on top of such things can lend me a hand. Something along the lines of the sonics produced by the Musical Fidelity X-Ray would be nice : ) Any suggestions ??? Sean
Not knowing how much you are planning to spend on this component, I can only think that you want to keep it below a grand (well below, if possible). The first player that comes to mind when reading your criteria is the NAD T550 DVD/CD player. They are known for the straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to audio (and video) performance. Not many "bells and whistles" here, but it should prove to be easy to use and should sound great in your system for music as well as home theater -with good video performance. I believe it retails for about $800, although I have seen them go for as low as $600.
I think I may know of something that suits both of your needs. Stan Warren has been getting world class results by modifying a 24/96 Pioneer DVD player. He does not actually do this for videophiles, but for audio guys wanting great CD perfomance, out of a one box unit. The fact that it also plays DVDs is icing on the cake. I think that the player's cost including mods still comes in at under $600 total. I don't have this particular set-up myself, so you'll have to check with Stan to get all of the details.