CD/DVD player advice

Hello to all. If this question is in the wrong location, I apologize. I am presently playing my CD's from an old Sony DVD player. I do want to upgrade this. So, do you find that a DVD such as an OPPO 105, sounds better for playing CD's verses a dedicated cd player of similar cost? I would say that an OPPO 105 that is in good condition,used for say $700 would be my top end. Would you recommend a dedicated cd player, which could also be used, or are the DVD players quite adequate. Right now it would not be connected to a TV. If I do later than the OPPO or something equivalent would be considered. Lets keep pricing down to $700 for either the cd or dvd player. Thankx to all in advance. If you need more info, let me know. Arthur ,
a new Oppo comes with a return privilege - I'd test one for sure

otherwise there is the question of what audio you need to play?

Redbook CD?
Thankx. Right now I am just playing my good old CD's I have for years. HA!

The Oppo 105 plays CDs quite well.  It has excellent power supply and analog stages.  However, one of the problems is that it is designed as a "universal" player and doesn't have specific digital clocks for CD playback.  Also, it does still have a switching power supply for digital section (which can be upgraded to linear from OPPOMOD).

There is a used Sony DVP-9000ES for $314 that will likely sound much better for CDs, as it is specifically designed for 44.1khz playback.  However, it is extremely old and could be prone to failure.

Try hunting down a Jolida tube CD player?  I have also read that Rega CD players are very excellent as well.

So, the question is really:

"Best CD-only player for $700?"

R2R ladder DACs have only recently been displaced by other types, so besides reliability questions, the SQ question is what is the best Ladder DAC based CD player...

The easiest thing is to buy an Oppo - it will sound very good or better and can be returned if you don't like it.

Brands to think about for $700 max would be:
Cambridge Audio
Sony ES
Denon & Marantz

I like tubes, but I keep them bottled up inside my pre-amp.... post#10

Arthur, What is the rest of your system, electronics and speakers? Just curious......
If you're after the best choice CD player, you'll probably get better sound from a dedicated CD player. If all the money you're paying is focused just on audio, chances are it will be better than a universal disc player.

That said, I have an opportunity 105 and I love it. I use it as a file player as well and just today decided to mess with tidal. It also replaced a cheap DVD player and Yamaha CD changer, so it tidied up my rack and sounds loads better
Ha! I have an oppo 105. I've had many opportunities and hope for many more..
Thank you for all the responses, please keep on shooting me your opinions. My equipment : Hafler 220 amp, Anthem TLP pre amp and Genesis APM -1 speakers. Old Sony DVD player for CDs and Bluesound Node 2.  Thank you, Arthur
I would buy a $500 CD player and a $200 Blu Ray DVD Player.

Emotiva ERC 3 CD player @$500


You have some older, but very good equipment. Your system deserves a real CD Player. I'm currently using a Rega Saturn-R and love it, but it is out of your price range. Although I have not heard it, my understanding is that the Rega Apollo-R has a similar "house" sound. For under $700 used, it may be a good option.

Good luck......
I would purchase a new CD player in the $500-$700 range. Later, should you choose to integrate video into your system you could then purchase a BD player.  I would look into Marantz. 
Why new? Used you get more for your money.. just curious for your reasoning, not attacking you.
I would suggest considering an external DAC and use your CD player just as a transport. If your DVD player dies, then replace it with another. Most people are wary of buying a 10-15 year CD player, but a player that cost $5,000 15 years ago can now be picked up for $500 (or less). There are some terrific bargains to be found, if you keep your eyes open.

I bought a 15 year old Sony S9000ES and played it for years before selling it and buying a used 10 year old Esoteric DV50S for $1,000 ($8,000 new).

There are some very nice DACs to be had in the $700 range (both used and new).

Denafrips Ares

Teac UD-503

These are just two examples. There are lots to choose from.
Yes, should have said 'new or used' CD player. 
Just buy an older used OPPO on Audiogon or ebay.  They sound great and have balanced outputs as well for future system upgrades.
I’m loving my oppo. Especially now with tidal running as well.  $600-$700 used