CD drawer will not close on BAT VKd5se player

I have an odd issue which occurs intermediately when I change out CD's on my player. Where when I push the button to close the Cd drawer after changing a cd, it won’t go in.
It just sits there and four bars flash on the display. In order to correct it I have to do a soft boot of the player. Then the drawer will retract into the player and run normally. This happens about one in every 20 cd's changed out. And only happens when I go to close the cd drawer, I never have an issue with the drawer opening or the player refusing to play cd's once the drawer closes.

The unit has been gone through and cleaned and the motor seems to be fine. To verify the tech changed it out and put in a spare he had on hand and the issue still persists, Has anybody experience the same issue with the VKd5se? If so, any idea what else it could be?
Hi Walkertm,

May I suggest contacting BAT, directly? They're quite excellent answering product queries.

Best regards,
Sorry, to hear of your problem.

I had never experienced any such problems with my VK-D5SE, which has been my primary source for 5+ years.

I too would suggest contacting BAT