CD Direct and DAC's

Do I have to have a Pre-Amp inserted in order to have the processing done through the DAC?
I thought using the DAC would just process by-Passing the stock DAC in the CDP before transfering the info to the Vol. Control which would then attenuate the signal to the amp!

You either need a preamp, a DAC with a built in volume control. or some type of passive volume control device like the ones made by Placette and Creek.
If your DAC or power amp has a volume control, then you don't need a preamp. Having said that, I haven't yet heard a DAC that doesn't incorporate some kind of line amp that sounds as good as a DAC going through a quality active preamp. Typically, DAC-to-power amp gives greater clarity but stifles dynamics and gives flabby bass.

However, I may not understand your question properly. What volume control are you talking about?

Was trying to use the CDP Vol. Control using CD Direct!The DAC does not have a Vol. Control,so I must get have a Pre-Amp in the loop in order to use the DAC!