CD Copy Nero

Maybe a stupid question but when your burn a purchased CD onto a blank CDR is it identical in terms of audio quality? I've been using Nero.  Eventually I will get round to buying Btpoweramp and burn to FLAC.  Thanks for your time.
Go make the very modest software investment in dbpoweramp and eliminate all the worries and warts.... its features and benefits are much better tailored to the audio crowd and are a whole step up in functionality, ease of use, performance, and the end-product deliverable.

Use a burn program made for audio, such as eac or dbPoweramp. Copy and burn at the slowest speed possible. The better Japanese discs work best. Avoid internal drives and all slim drives. Use an external drive such as this . Provide vibration isolation for the drive such as these . Use a linear power supply for the drive, or at the least this to clean up the power source. Use a better quality USB cable, as you would for a digital audio system. Block the USB cable 5V Vbus wire at the source end with this or a piece of tape. That should do it.
Thanks for the replies. I actually own that samsung drive.  Had no idea that the "made in japan" cdrs are better quality though, thanks! Will purchase dbpoweramp.