CD Copy Nero

Maybe a stupid question but when your burn a purchased CD onto a blank CDR is it identical in terms of audio quality? I've been using Nero.  Eventually I will get round to buying Btpoweramp and burn to FLAC.  Thanks for your time.
Could be better, worse or the same. It all depends upon a myriad of factors relating to your gear, your hearing, the media being burned, the Codec chosen and  the playback mechanism. If you can tell a difference in a blind study with 55% accuracy I will buy you a new CD player of your choice:-)

 Get Exact Audio Copy, it is free. If you use EAC then you will have a bit perfect copy. Use a good quality (made in Japan) blank. The sound should be as good as the original.

Go make the very modest software investment in dbpoweramp and eliminate all the worries and warts.... its features and benefits are much better tailored to the audio crowd and are a whole step up in functionality, ease of use, performance, and the end-product deliverable.