CD cleaning question

I use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe my CDs down, but there always seems to be a few specs of dust left over. I was wondering if I could use the In the Groove record cleaner (a sticky roller that is intended for LPs) on CDs. It seems that it does not leave behind any residue, and might be just what I need to get those last specs of dust of the CDs. Any reason this would not be a good idea?
Be careful. Compact disc's do not react well to chemicals. The polymer/plastic of a CD are different materials than vinyl. Tip: all digital disc players have error correction programing. If the surface of the disc is damaged and skips in your CD player, even after cleaning. Take to your computer and rip the CD. Error correction is sometime better on a computer. I've saved a few disc's that way.
The best way to clean CD's is to not get them dirty.
Dust should not be a problem since CDP error corrects scratches up to 4mm along the track. Bringing dust inside CDP is bad but wiping CD too often with dry cloth is not good either. When wiping use radial motion to avoid making micro-scratches along the track.
I just bought the Bryston BDP-1 digital player and I started ripping all my cd's in AIFF on to external UBS Mypassport Studio 1TB.
While I was ripping cd's ,opening jewel cases I cale across this note:

In the Compact Disc Audio System,digital playback combined with laser optics produces the most accurate sound reproduction possible.For best results,the Compact Disc should be stored in a vertical position to prevent warpage,and should not be exposed to direct sunlight,heat or humidity for a prolonged period of time.
Always handle the disc by it's edges to avoid surface scratches,accumulation of foreign substances,etc.
To clean,wipe the disc (in a straight line,from center to edge) with a soft,dry,lint-free cloth.
Do not use solvents,abrasives or record cleaners unless specifically indicated for use on Compact Discs.

1986 Fantasy Inc.


If you are concerned about a few bits of dust, use a fine brush like the type made for camera lenses. That should work well for you.
I have several cosmetic blush brushes to 'dust' the CD every time I play one.
Many types of blush brushes are available.
If you feel nervous getting one. Ask your girlfriend or wife to buy one.
The best are big wide full.
I had found some on sale and bought three squat round ones.
I can clean the brush off with packing tape. just touch the brush bristles to the packing tape and cleaned all up.

Other variations would be a artifical red sable painter's brush, a thick half inch one would work well. And way less problematic to buy for most guys.

I brush both the front side and back sides. So no dust of any kind get into the players.
Same for DVDs.
Agree with Zd542, Keep your CDs clean. Dust, finger prints and scratches degrade the sound quality.
Brushing does not remove grease or finger prints. For the latter it is best to just steam them, then wipe with a soft cloth.
Might as well mention there's a boatload of excellent CD cleaners/enhancers, most of which have been around like forever, some or most of which address the sticky problems of static charge and mold release compound as well as surface imperfections, fingerprints and grease, including Optrix, Mapleshade Microsmooth, Jena Labs, Nanotech 8500, AV Xtreme Liquid Resolution, Walker Vivid and Auric Illuminator II.
I'm a complete slob, so I use this stuff. Some fastidious people like Robert Harley use it as well.
Thanks, all. I have some L'Art Du Son CD cleaner, but I still end up with bits of dust after wiping. That's why I asked. Perhaps the consmetic brush as a follow-up to the liquid cleaner would do the trick.