CD Changer w/ Variable Analog Out ?

Hello everyone,
I'm looing for a CD changer with a variable analog out, to connect directly into an amplifier. I would like the highest quality that I can get, assuming one exists. Preferably carousel so I can swap discs while playing. Currently I have a Sony CDP-C535 which does this, and has remote volume to boot. I don't need remote volume but would like a higher quality cd player. I suppose I could get a changer with digital out and a D/A with volume but would like to keep the number of boxes to a minimum; so the goal is to minimize the boxes in a cd-only system. Plus if I am going to do this I might as well get a preamp instead. Any recommendations?
I'm happy with a Mark Levinson 390s. It's a high quality player (sounds great!) with analog volume control, but it is a single disc machine, not a carousel. Good luck.
EAD DVDMASTER 8000 PRO would probably
handle just about everything (digital media)
for you extremely well. Check it out. Not a
carousel though. Havent heard it personally
but have read many good things. Quality stuff...
Do a search on cd changers with volume control and you will pull up more threads then you can imagine- this is the most asked question here.
Not sure what your budget is, but you might look at the Adcom. Their CD players used to have a analog volume control knob on the front panel, and their current CD players offer excellent sound for the price (particularly if you get them used.)