CD Changer advice

I'm looking into a CD chnager as a replacement to an 11-yr old Sony single player. I'd like to check out HDCD and I can spend about $1K. This presents a few options: First, buy one of the two 'audiophile' integrated units (CAL CL-10 or Anthem CD-1) out there, BOTH of which are now out of production, both of which can be found for around a grand here. Second, pick up a credible mid-fi rig (Denon does a decent HDCD 5CD carousel) and add an outboard DAC (Bel Canto, CAL Sigma 24/96) to it. Any thoughts on either path? Changer or DAC recommenations? Reservations about buying the out-of-production units? Lastly, if I went with separates, would it matter where the HDCD filter is - transport or DAC? I'm not sure if the filter is used during D/A conversion (requiring an HDCD DAC)or if it affects the digital signal picked up as the transport reads the CD (requiring an HDCD transport). Thanks!
HDCD needs to happen at the DAC. The only unit I know of that outputs a decoded HDCD signal is the one from Pacific Microsonics itself. You may also want to consider getting the new SACD changer (no SACD vs. whatever wars, please) from Sony and using an outboard DAC (if you _must_ have HDCD, which I do) only when playing HDCD, as it has gotten a very flattering review in Listener magazine.
See/Search for my earlier thread on Stan Warren at Supermod on Oregon. There is a Aiwa Changer that sells for $80 at Best Buy that amazingly makes an excellent transport unmodifed and a killer transport modified by Stan for something like $150 more. Then you'll have plenty of money left over to get a DAC with HDCD or anything else you want.
Powerste- I have been very happy with my CL-10, which you should be able to buy used for much less than 1k. CAL is owned by Sensory Science and appears to be pretty stable. They are going big into HT and I think have pretty much ditched CD only for DVD/CD units, which may explain the discontiuance of the CL-10.
Sugarbrie, have you tried the Aiwa in your system? I got one and have only used it as a transport for a few days so it is not burned in. It's ok for background music, but in its stock form is about as good as my 9 year old Marantz cd94 as a transport. The Marantz is no slouch, but is not world class. I would think the Stan Warren mod is almost mandatory to get decent sound out of the Aiwa. Of course, for $90, the Aiwa is probably a great bargain. I haven't tried any other changers.
I agree. I guess my point was that we ususally spend a few hundred for a entry level transport. The Aiwa is as good as any entry level transport for $80. To make it a super transport you will need the Stan Warren mods. I have heard the player, I do not own one. I have also discussed it with Stan and with Rich Sacks of the Chicago Audio Society who does own a modified one.
I own the CL 10 and have owned the Anthem. The 10 is a better unit - the Anthem is very noisy when changing and is not a smooth operator. The 10 is very smooth and quick - it also has various digital out options for upgrading the DAC but is good in its own right.