CD Changer?

I currently have the SONY CDP-CX90es 200 disc changer. This player sounds great with the rest of my very mediocre stuff. However, I've recently made a major upgrade to my whole system, by buying a whole bunch of stuff from Odyssey Audio - a new pre-amp (Tempest), two mono amps (Stratos) and a new pair of floorstanding speakers (Lorelei). I probably won't receive much of this until mid July.

My question is this - will I be able to get by with my CX90ES, or will it severely handicap my system? I have gotten spoiled by the changer, and don't really want to go back to a single disc player, but I will if I have to. I am very unsatisfied with the system I have now (Yamaha RX-V995 receiver and Polk Audio RM7200 surround) for audio, which is why I am doing this upgrade, and I don't want to be disappointed because of my CD player.

Does anyone have any impressions of my CD player? I don't have much comparison experience in this space so any information will help. If you think I am kidding myself by trying to keep this, are there any other CD changers that you think are good, or should I just stick to the single play ones?

Thanks for any advice you can lend me.
Don't hype yourself for now.
Try it out! Despite being a changer or some cheap stuff it may be well and synergistic with your preamp which is probably the most important thing in the system.
Even after buying another serious CD-player I'd still keep the changer in case of parties...
The only way to find out about your satisfaction is to hear the player in your new system; I'd wait until I heard it in the system before making any additional upgrade moves. If you don't like the sound, but your player has a digital output (preferably coaxial but Toslink can work), you could likely make a big improvement in the sound by using the player as a transport and adding a better quality DAC. That way you could keep your 5-disc versatility while getting better quality sound. Otherwise, there may be a few decent-sounding CD changers out there--I think NAD made/makes one, there may be others as well that others here can recommend.
I lived with a 400 disc Sony ES changer as my main source for a while.
I squeezed out as much as I could out if.

Glass toslink cable, DIP jitter reduction, damped the cover.
It always fell short of even a modest Toshiba DVD player.

I finally gave in and listen now mainly through a Sony DVP-S7000 player modded by Empirical for transport use.

This is far better than the mega-changer, but I still keep it plugged in. It is still a lot of fun.

It's particularly useful for rock, since there are few rock album that are worth a listen all the way through.
Since I mainly listen to traditional Cuban "son" the single player gets most of the use, since in that genre there are hundreds of discs that are worth a full play.

If you want to get some mileage out of the mega-changer, I suggest you at get an external DAC and a glass toslink cable (this will only set you back about $30).
Even if you eventually go the single player/transport route, you might still want to keep it around.

the source is the most important part of the sound chain.your new equipment will be handicapped by the changer.
a single play high quailty cd is necessary to maximize your
Thanks for the advice! I will wait and see how it is. I currently use Fiber for my connection and would definitely use either that or coax for the connection.
What about an external d/a converter? That can improve your sound dramatically.
I recently helped a colleague upgrade her system. I put the new integrated amp and speakers in place, a Creek A50iR and Soliloquy 5.0's, but decided to plug in the mid-priced Sony 5-disc changer she already had since we knew it was working and I wanted to introduce the variables one at a time if possible.

She put in a CD and music came out, but the sound was so bad that I was scared I'd really screwed something up or that the new gear we'd spent a lot of time picking had turned out to be a horrible mismatch. I nervously shut things down, checked all the connections and tried again. Same thing, thin, bright and extremely irritating. So, I nervously unpacked the Philips 963 player that was to serve for both CD and DVD playback, plugged it in and put in the same CD.

The difference was remarkable, with the Philips, her system sounded just as I'd hoped and she was absolutely thrilled with the sound. Still, we left the changer in place because she entertains a lot and reasoned the fidelity really wouldn't matter to a room full of people at a party.

Keeping the changer for convenience and adding a decent single player of some kind for critical listening makes a lot of sense. With some excellent players available used in the $300-500 range, it might not be worth your trouble to experiment with the external DAC and you could choose convenience or fidelity with the flick of an input switch.
OK, well that is probably the approach I will take, although I may wait until my stuff arrives before getting anything. I was hoping someone had particular experience with my CD player - anyone out there? It had gotten some good reviews as one of the few "decent" jukeboxes when it came out, but I'm not sure how true that was compared to real audiophile stuff.
Absolutely go for an outboard DAC. There are lots of good deals on this site such as Bel Canto, Perpeptual Tech (with ModWright mods), Musical Fidelity, etc. I've heard good DACs matched with changers sound superb. Marantz makes a good changer in its SE series. But a DAC is a necessity.
Please excuse my ignorance - Is this DAC something that plugs in between my premap and the Changer? How much do they go for?
your changer does 2 things:
1 - spins and reads the disks.
2 - take this info (which is digital) and translate it to analog which is then output through the RCA outs to your pre.

So yes, it sits between the player and the pre.

They can run (like everything in audio) from a few hundred to umpteen thousand.

Keep in mind the mega-changer use optical for its digital output so you'll either need to get a DAC that support this or use something like a Monarchy DIP which will convert it to coax. These will run from 100 to 200 used depending on the model.

The DIP will also reduce the jitter on the mega-changer. My experience has been that this works well wit these players. A note on DIP's, for CD playback you only need the 16bit/44kHz model not the newer and more expensive 24/96 although both will work.

OK, so now I will echo what others have mentioned: relax, enjoy your new gear for a while. When we are first bitten with the bug for this hobby, well, we kinda get to kids at the bakery. All those sweets, and you wanna eat 'em all. I don't know if this can be avoided. But try. Like Marakanetz said, "don't hype yourself."

Enjoy what you have. Listen to the music, not the sound.

Killerpiglet has made the most meaningful comment yet..."Listen to the music, not the sound." The only criterium you need for a stereo is how much it makes you want to listen to music. Oh yeah, another one - how much more time and money do you now spend on music and searching it out? Oh yeah, another one - how much more time you spend reading music reviews instead of equipment. O.K., that's three. Oh, and one more - how often do you sit in front of your hi-fi, smile, and say out loud "Damn, that Art Blakey can play some mean drums!"

I was recently told by a high end manufacturer that I have "two nice pcs" in my system and this is a "good start". And yet, last night my wife had to drag me to bed because I could not stop kickin' out the jams (remastered editions of Cream albums for God's sake!). I literally walk by the listening room sometimes and just fondly gaze inside anxious for another listening session. My speakers were not approved by this manufacturer and yet I love to watch reflected sunlight dance on the rosewood cabinets. I have actually walked by and patted them affectionately. This is a real good indication this system gives me serious musical pleasure. (O.K., that's five criteria.)

By the way, I use a 300B SET amp and have used tubes for over 20 yrs. I also use a passive "pre-amp" and my system thrills me. My brother commented a few months ago that he could never have a stereo like mine - he'd never get anything done except music listening, and they could not play it when people visit. No one would want to talk, just enjoy the tunes. But then, that's my passion in this hobby. There are people whose passion is the equipment and technology. And God bless them because they come up with the stuff I buy. The speaker manufacturer, by all accounts and reviews, makes an excellent music lovers line of products.
I would definitely get a DAC for the changer. You will be startled by the improvement. I run a Sony 400 CD changer into a Birdland Odeon-Ag and it's fantastic.
Tfkaudio is right on the money. Time for prejudices against CD changers to end. I tried a very pricey single disc transport (been about 4-5 years but I'm pretty sure it was a CEC) and could not find a meaningful difference between it and the Sony ES I was using at the time. I now use a Marantz SE changer and love being able to cue up an entire concert with 3-4-5 bands in attendance. I bought the Marantz about three years ago for parties, Christmas Eve, etc. Found the sound to be nice on it's own but not very resolved or transparent. Then tried it with my DAC and was mightly impressed. Out went my transport and in went the changer - stayed there since. Get a good DAC, though. Makes all the difference in the world.