CD change?

Trying to get my wife to buy in on a possibile change of our CD and looking at the following to evalutae and could use opinions as what looks to be a best fit, will be for red book only and am staying on the used market. ARC CD 3, Sim Audio Equinox SE or Super Nova, Bryston BCD1, or Classe CDP 102. This would mate to Classe CAP 151 and Apogee Slant 6 speakers. I listen to soft rock, jazz, new age and blues. Looking for a big sound stage, balanced natural sound w/proper bottom end and great definition, alot to ask but I think these are the best choices as I want to stay with SS. Thanks for the help in advance. Oh yea, don't have dealers to audition in the area.
The Bryston BCD1 will do all that as well as being inherently musical.
keep the ARC CD2
When I auditioned CDPs,to my ears I preferred the BCD-1.
I auditioned 3 players,Arcam's top player,Audio Research CD-7
Thing is I wanted the CD-7,but kept going back to the BCD-1.
I really like the player and I use the analog outs,using the
BCD-1 dacs,running into my pre(stereo direct)for me she's very satisfying and I saved a pile of money.There has been a couple of BCD-1 on this site.