CD Cases / Furniture Recommendations?

I have a collection of 1,000 CDs that are currently on shelves, simply stacked vertically (on their short sides). Can anyone recommend a good solution to hold and organize these? What has worked for you?
Can-am modular steel cabinets. Very high build quality. Great finish options. Expandable forever.

Everyone that sees my set buys their own!
I recently transfered my nearly 1,000 cd collection to "Jewel Sleeves" and purchased their "Jewel Chest", which holds 1,300 CD's. They also have a 3 drawer chest available which holds 1,000 CD's. They take up much less space and are pretty reasonably priced. They'll send a sample sleeve for you to try if you're interested.
There are a lot of good choices. I've been happy with the Boltz racks, which are quite nice.

The Can-am cabinets that Supco provided the link for do not take up space, and they are also low profile in terms of not interfering with your room design. I'd consider these for a more formal living room where you don't want all of your CD's open and exposed to everyone's view.
The Boltz is nice. It's got a clear coat finish that makes it look better in person than in the ad photos. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit with my decor (WAF), so I've stuck with black CD tower spinners.

As my disc collection has grown, I've traded up to bigger and bigger spinners. I just put in a huge spinner, with capacity of 26 CDs per shelf, 10 shelves per side, and four sides. That's a capacity of 1040 jewel cases. You could actually put more in there if you're willing to put CDs sideways between the tops of the CDs on the shelves and the bottom of the shelves above. The top is flat, so you could put stuff on top, too. It stands about 64 inches tall, is about 19x19 inches long and wide, and requires a turning circle of about 26 inches diameter. The mother of all spinners. Here's the link:

Price is $249 ex shipping. It comes in two boxes that are fairly heavy, and you have to assemble it yourself. (Not too hard, but you have to be careful.)

Incidentally, they also have other CD storage products on the following page:

Good luck.
Another option would be disc sox

I have used their system and been able to put hundreds of cds in a single drawer. If you take a look at my system you will see my stand, the one drawers holds all my cds. Hope this is of help

I have been buying about one CD per week on average. Now three years later, I am starting to run out of room on the 1040 CD spinner I described above.

At the time (2004), it was the biggest spinner I could find, but it seems the manufacturers are keeping up with me by making bigger and bigger ones. I recently found one with rated capacity of 1600 CDs. Again, one could probably stuff in more than that by stacking the jewel cases horizontally on the spinner's shelves. Here's the link:

I bought a black one, and, yes, it's huge. Should satisfy my needs until I break down and go to hard drive music storage. (Huh.)
I bought a Lacie from Racks and Stands ( I am happy with it as it is nice enough to have in our living room/listening room. It has recieved a lot of complements from guests as well.
Check out for furniture quality cabinets for your CD collections. Not the largest, but great quality. I have B-300 that holds much of my CD & DVD-R collections and will likely buy another in a year or so.